Unlike most other Communication Apps with Squalk you can call anyone, anywhere in the world at any time and on any Network, it really doesn’t matter. Voice calls, Video calls and messaging between Squalk users is free* when you use Wi-Fi or your Mobile data.
But unlike others, if you need or want to call somebody not on Squalk you can, but remember, it will always be up to an incredible 95% cheaper than your usual network provider.
We call it Communications Without Limitations.

You can call it a Squalk fact.

*Data charges may apply. Ask your provider for details. Ensure the person you call answers on the Squalk App so it’s free.
Why constantly swap and change the App or Network you use just to keep in touch with others? With Squalk you don’t have to. Only Squalk lets you call anyone, anywhere in the world at any time and on any Network as well as reach other Squalk users for free*. How? Well, unlike most Communication Apps, not only is Squalk free* between Squalk users, you can also reach others outside of Squalk too.

You’re free to call anybody, anywhere and on any Network at any time. And better still, when you do, it will always be up to 95% cheaper than your current Network provider. This is real Communications without Limitations.

A Squalk first and also a unique Squalk fact.

*Data charges may apply. Ask your provider for details.
Welcome to Chat on Squalk. The simplest and smartest way to keep in touch with friends, family or people you just want to hook up with.

Individuals or groups! Family, friends, business or just gossip. It really doesn’t matter. Share messages, notes, views, documents, photos or films with complete confidence because with https and our AES 256 secured sending only you and the people you send things to will ever see them.

Chat is free* and only available between Squalk users. It’s also the perfect and securest way to avoid those naughty SMS fees too

It’s great to Chat, and it’s even better with Squalk.

*Data charges may apply. Ask your provider for details.

Why should your conversation end just because your Wi-Fi or Data connection has? With Squalk it doesn’t. No Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. No problem.

Why? Squalk is the only App that allows you to still call people. Magic? Well no, but it is a Squalk secret and another unique Squalk fact. Try it for yourself when nothing else on your phone will work.
The Internet is busy. Too many people making too many calls using Wi-Fi. No wonder it gets busy and your calls get cut off or the sound quality fades in and out. The poor old Internet can’t keep up. But the cost of normal calls is too expensive right? Err, wrong! Call someone using Mobile+ Mode on Squalk instead of Squalk Mode and you’ll save up to 95% on call costs compared to your usual Network provider. And that is to anyone, anywhere in the world at any time and on any Network.

Basically, anyone on planet earth with a phone.

That’s not just a Squalk fact. That’s a new to planet earth fact.

How secure is Squalk? Well, every call you make is as secure as any other Telecom or Internet call that is locked using the most secure encrypted routes.

Every message, picture, video clip or document you send is also locked using HTTPS protocol.

They are also secured using AES 256 encryption until the moment the person you sent them to receives them using their own smart phones self-generating key to unlock them.

Also, every secure encrypted message you send is also constantly wiped from our servers every single minute so they are gone forever. It’s not magic, it’s just another Squalk fact.

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