Squalk to Squalk using Wi-Fi is Free*.

The only time we ever do charge, and only when you choose to, is for the clearest calls available to anybody you want on any Network anywhere in the world. And when you do make those calls they will always be up to 95% cheaper than your current Network provider.

We are only in the business of clearer communications for all, not the selling of your data business. We create and make money from the things you want and need, not the things you don’t.

We’ll never sell you monthly data packages you’ll never fully use, and we’ll never sell your data that was never ours to sell in the first place.

That’s why you can choose to top-up your account from as little as $1 a time as it maybe all you need when you see our rates.

We just wanted to make that clear. As clear as the calls we’ll always aim to provide you with anyway. Both our free and incredibly low-priced ones.

*Data charges may apply. Ask your Network provider for details.


To create the first Communication App without Limitations.

To create a free* and a much cheaper, clearer, and more reliable way for people to make voice calls, video calls, send photos, films, audio files or send messages to individuals or groups.

A Squalk fact.

*Data costs may apply. Ask your provider for details.